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About Sejer Andersen

EnglishPosted by Adm 2015-02-05 09:18:08
Actor, director and manager.
Master of arts, 1969, University of Copenhagen

Café-Teatret. Experimental, state-subventioned theatre 1972 - 1983
Hvidovre Teater. State-subventioned Touring Theatre 1984 - 2000
The European Theatre Council 1989 - 2000
Vitus Bering Teatret 2004 - present.

As an actor, director and artistic director I have worked mostly with modern and newly-written drama and have always wanted to give new talents scope for their abilities.
My main interest is theatrical cooperation internationally and for many years I have arranged co-productions, guest plays and tours nationally and internationally.

I perform in Danish, English and French.

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